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HD SuperDryUVBx2

Vortice Vortice Super Dry UV B

For use in commercial and public areas

Vortice air blade technology hand dryers.

Model: VORTICE Super Dry UV B

Order Code: See technical data for further details

Vortice Features

  • Cabinet moulded in self-extinguishing ABS, colour WHITE or SILVER.
  • Steel wall-mounting flange.
  • Vortice EC brushless motor with thermal overload protection and shaft turning in ball bearings.
  • Heating element ON/OFF: when high ambient temperatures render the use of hot air unnecessary, a switch on the left-hand side of the cabinet can be operated to deactivate the heating element and save energy.
  • Germicidal capability thanks to UV lamp.
  • Vortice SuperDry UVB stops immediately when hands are withdrawn.
  • Protection against vandalism: the appliance shuts off automatically following 25 seconds of uninterrupted operation.
  • Protection against overheating, overload and short-circuit.
  • Drip collection tank
  • HEPA filter.
SuperDryUVB techdata
Vort Super Dry UV B white - order code ALV70907
Vort Super Dry UV B silver - order code ALV70908

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