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C02sensor Vario

C02 Sensor - SCO2IAQ

CO2 sensor suitable for all Vortice Vario models

Model: SCO2IAQ CO2 sensor

Order Code: See technical data for further details

This sensor ensures adequate oxygenation rates, avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide and prevents the concentration of pathogens.

SCO2IAQ CO2 sensor

  • CO2 sensor with adjustable threshold and safety values in the 0 - 5,000 ppm range.
  • Relative humidity sensor (enables the display of temperature and RH values in the room).
  • Possibility of programming, on a weekly basis, the switching on and off of the fans (ideal, for example, in the case of use in classrooms, refectories, canteens, etc.).
  • Possible integration into a Building Management System (BMS), Modbus protocol, integrated RS485 port.
  • Graphic display for immediate understanding of system status and representation of environmental parameters.
  • ensures adequate oxygenation rates
  • avoids the accumulation of carbon dioxide
  • prevent the concentration of pathogens resulting from the metabolism of the occupants.

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