Vortice Nordik HVLS Super Blade

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A new range of HVLS
(High Volume Low Speed) ceiling fans from Vortice

Order Codes:

Vortice HVLS300/120″ – ALV61080

Vortice HVLS400/160″ – ALV61081

Vortice HVLS500/200″ – ALV61082

Vortice HVLS600/260″ – ALV61083

Vortice HVLS700/280″ – ALV61084

The Vortice Nordik HVLS Super Blade has very high performance, low consumption and low noise emissions for large, open buildings

The Vortice Nordik HVLS Super Blade, at their most effective, grant highly effective operation even when installed in tall ambients. Width of the ventilated area corresponds to approximately 3 times the nominal diameter of the fan. Especially suitable for installation in industrial sheds, large stores, cattlesheds/stables, airports, where there is a need to move large volumes of air. This Vortice industrial fan offers a range of operating temperatures (-10°/+50° C) allows proper operation in many alternative applications. Ideal for cooling and temperature balance for large areas (warehouse, fitness centre, stables, airports, sheds, etc…).

The Vortice Nordik HVLS Super Blade comes in 5 blade diameters: 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000mm

Technical Data:
Vortice Nordik HVLS Range