Vortice Nordik Heavy Duty 200 INOX

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Italian-made, Vortice heavy duty, reversible ceiling fan

Order Code: Vortice ALV61027

The Italian-made, Vortice reversible, heavy duty ceiling fan in black for when continuous and efficient air cooling is required in demanding environments. 

Vortice Features

  • Die-casted epoxy painted motor covers, colour black, sealed with EPDM gaskets to prevent dust or water entry.
  • Cups made of electrogalvanised steel plate protected by a double layer of epoxy paint.
  • Nominal diameter of blades 2000 mm.
  • Vortice single-phase external rotor motor, shaft mounted on ball bearings.
  • 3 blades made of electrogalvanized steel plate protected by a double layer of epoxy paint.
  • 4 hole support plate compatible with different types of ceilings, even highly slanted.
  • Lifeline to prevent any risk of falling in case of uncorrect installation of the product.
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of up to 16 fans simultaneously, in relation to the differential measured by two temperature sensors.
  • Nuts and bolts, ceiling hook and rubber made damper supplied with the product.
  • Vortice adjustable speed control through auto-transformer or multiple electronic devices allowed (optionals).

Technical Data:
Vortice Nordik Heavy Duty 200