Vortice Microrapid Range

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Safe, sturdy, stylish and

Order Codes:

Vortice MICRORAPID T 600V0 – ALV70653

Vortice MICRORAPID T 1000V0 – ALV70661

Vortice MICRORAPID T 1500V0 – ALV70663

Vortice MICRORAPID T 2000V0 – ALV70681

Vortice designed for primary heating in situations where there is no central heating or it is undersized.

Vortice Features

  • Particularly user-friendly while improving operational safety
  • Small dimensions: ideal for cramped areas
  • Splash protected, installation into damp environments
  • Selectable heating power
  • Extremely silent
  • Vortice inbuilt timer has a daily/weekly digital programmer (V0T)
  • Resin parts have high mechanical strength at high temperatures
  • V0 self-extinguishing plastic

Technical Data:
Vortice Microrapid 2000 V0