Vortice CTL

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Vortice designed air handling units for
higher air volumes

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Vortice sanitary air handling units special execution for higher air volumes.

Vortice sanitary air handling unit with all the necessary features for through cleaning and access to all internal surfaces. The use of drain pans in each section and the option of removing internal components for correct maintenance and sanitising are the features that set this unit apart. Sloped drain pans to encourage sanitising liquids to drain freely and prevent the accumulation of stagnant condensate.

Vortice Product Specifications

  • Loran air handling units make an important contribution to improving air quality and the environments we live in.
  • The company is constantly committed to research and development of environmentally-sustainable products with maximum energy efficiency.
  • Constructional quality and the components used guarantee reliability, functionality and efficiency that last over time.
  • The CTL units are available in 32 sizes, covering a vast range of air flows, and are designed using a simple and flexible modular system

CE Marking All VORTICE air handling units are built in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC, and consequently conform to the “essential health and safety requirements” defined by such Directives. The design work is develoed respecting these standards and to this end the machines are equipped with a series of prevention and safety features suitable for satisfying the obligatory requirements:
  • accident prevention protection grills over moving parts;
  • safety micro-switches;
  •  lights for illuminating the inside of the machines;
  • handles that open also from inside the machine;
  • rounded edges and no parts that cut.
Adhesive signs - clearly visible because of their colour and size are applied to the external casings of the machine indicating possible dangers from moving parts and the electric current present. EUROVENT Certificate VORTICE S.p.A. adheres to the product certification programs run by Eurovent, the European association that brings together manufacturers of ventilation, air-conditioning refrigeration appliances from various different countries. The voluntary certification programs established and managed by Eurovent involve comparing the technician specifications declared by the manufacturer in its product documents and selection software, against the results of tests conducted on working products. Eurovent represents a reference point for engineers, consultants, installers and end users, who can rely on Eurovent certification when choosing air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with certified performance. VORTICE S.p.A. has obtained Eurovent certification on its CTL series products, thus guaranteeing customers complete transparency and accuracy of declared performance.
Vortice CTL