Vortice CA WE D Series

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Centralised extraction for more than one room.

Order Codes:

Vortice CA100WED – ALV16091

Vortice CA125WED – ALV16092

Vortice CA150WED – ALV16087

Vortice CA200WED – ALV16089

The Vortice CA WE D Series is the ideal solution where centralised extraction is required for more than one room eg: kitchens, bathrooms, storage areas, cellars; public spaces such as bars and shops; work spaces including workshops and laboratories.


  • Centrifugal duct-mounted extractors for external installation thereby reducing noise
  • Automatic close function prevents air returning to the room
  • Vortice steel housing with polyester paint, long life
  • Two speed

Technical Data:
Vortice CA WE D Series