Vortice A-E Range

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Vortice square plate series

Order Codes:

Vortice A-E252M – ALV42207

Vortice A-E254M – ALV42208

Vortice A-E304M – ALV42216

Vortice A-E354M – ALV42258

Vortice A-E404M – ALV42260

Vortice A-E454M – ALV42307

Vortice A-E504M – ALV42316

Vortice A-E506M – ALV42337

Vortice A-E566M – ALV42356

The Vortice range of compact, plate-mounted, axial-flow fans for wall or panel mounting. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications ie: warehouses, hospitals, nightclubs, offices, theatres, factories, gyms, restaurants etc.

Vortice Features

  • Low noise levels
  • Panels made of Vortice pressed steel, phosphated and epoxy powder coated with hammered effect finish, painted in polyester black paint, 5 pressed steel blades, electrolytically galvanised and polyester powder-coated, colour black, guaranteeing long-term resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • Ventilation port fashioned in one piece with the panel, gauged to optimise air flow, aerodynamically contoured and elongated to optimise performance and facilitate connection to the relative duct.
  • Vortice Protective grille (in accordance with UNI ISO 13857 standard) acting as anti-bird guard, combining the function of motor bracket, made of electrically welded steel with epoxy paint finish, colour black. Easy removal simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the fan.
  • Vortice 1 speed single phase AC motor of external rotor type designed to minimise axial dimensions, with shaft turning in ball bearings, insulation class F, thermal overload protection.
  • Maximum air flow 1365 m3/h
  • Dynamically balanced impeller (UNI ISO 1940, Point 1 – Class 6.3)

Technical Data:
Vortice A-E Range