Induct Sterilisation Unit

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Kill viruses, bacteria and mould

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The fresh air solution to fight COVID-19.

  • Germicidal lamp
  • HEPA filter
  • Great for isolation rooms
  • Negative pressure requirements

ISU ultraviolet germicidal lamp can concentrate high intensity to kill bacteria and viruses very quickly.  The new crown virus is replicated by RNA (ribonucleic acid). The process of ultraviolet sterilization mainly affects the RNA of the virus and destroys the virus’ protein layer, which affects its survival and replication ability. Medically, it renders the virus ‘Inactivate’.

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiates photocatalytic material to combine water and oxygen in the air for photocatalytic reaction, which will quickly produce high concentration of advanced germicidal ion groups. Oxidising and ionic properties of the advanced oxidation particles will decompose chemically harmful gases and odours quickly, subside the suspended particulate matters, and kill the microbial contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and mould.

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