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Photocatalysis air purifiers

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DEPURO Sky – ALV25091

DEPURO Sky EVO  – ALV25092

Installation air purifiers and sanitisers for commercial and industrial applications.

High efficiency installation air purifiers and sanitisers for ceiling and concealed installation and for commercial and industrial applications.

DEPURO SKY are particularly suitable for purification and DEPURO SKY EVO also for air sanitation in commercial or industrial environments with a surface area of up to 330m2 such as public buildings, meeting places and workplaces such as supermarkets, exhibition halls, gyms, restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, clinics and hospitals, offices, etc.


Housings with bearing structure made with extruded aluminium profiles, 30mm thick, with nylon corner joints. 25mm thick sandwich panels in pre-painted steelsheet, light gray, RAL 9006, class M0, with anticorrosion finish, acoustically insulated with fireresistant rock wool (class A1), density 90 kg/m3. Rectangular air intake and delivery ports complete with protection grilles which can be oriented manually (DEPURO SKY EASY EVO model).


High efficiency fan motors, whose speed can be adjusted using the control panel supplied with the device, consisting of single-phase EC (brushless) motors of the external rotor type, characterised by a IP44-grade protection and class B insulation, directly coupled to a centrifugal, self-cleaning impellers with reversed blades, moulded in polyamide, statically and dynamically balanced at the factory.

Control panel

Wire-connected control panel with LCD display for:

  • switching on/off;
  • activating/deactivating the photocatalysis module (in EVO models);
  • programming, on a daily basis, the operation of the product, which will automatically switch on/ off at the previously set hours;
  • programming, in three time bands, the fan speed so that the ideal compromise between efficient purification, noise emissions and consumption can be reached;
  • programming on a daily basis of the switching on/off of the UV lamp, which activates the photocatalysis process (in EVO models);
  • setting the operating mode: Manual (switching on and off are left to the user) or Automatic (time programming previously set);
  • adjustment of the treated air flow;
  • indication, distinguished by type, of the occurred saturation of the filters, and the consequent need for their replacement;
  • connection to a Building Management System (BMS), Modbus RS485 protocol, for the simultaneous control of up to 32 devices.

Photocatalysis (EVO models)

The technology of the DUST FREE modules uses the combined action of the rays of a special UV lamp with a catalyst structure built from a metal alloy with honeycomb matrix, mainly composed of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and, to a minor extent, of other noble metals.


  • 3-stage filtering devices, optimised to retain impurities of progressively decreasing dimension, so to guarantee a very high overall filtering capacity of the treated air, at the same time preventing the untimely clogging of the superior class filters; the actual need for periodical filters replacement interventions is signaled on the control panel of which each machine of this range is provided.
  • The DEPURO SKY EVO model is equipped with 15 filters: 5 ISO Coarse 65% (G4) pre-filters; 5 ISO ePM1 70% (F7) filters; 5 HEPA H-14 filters.
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DEPURO Sky Series