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Commercial air purifiers

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DEPURO Plus 230 – ALV26061

DEPURO Plus EVO 230 – ALV26062

DEPURO Plus 430 – ALV26063

DEPURO Plus EVO 430 – ALV26064

Portable air purifiers and sanitisers for commercial and industrial use.

The DEPURO PLUS purifiers are particularly suitable for air purification, while the DEPURO PLUS EVO are also ideal for the sanitisation of the air in domestic, commercial and industrial environments (laboratories, medical and dental offices, offices, bars, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, shops, schools, warehouses and workshops, etc.)

4 models available, with two sizes and the photocatalysis module (only in the EVO models). DEPURO PLUS 230 (code 26061) and DEPURO PLUS EVO 230 (code 26062) having a maximum flow rate of 460 m3/h for environments up to 85m2. DEPURO PLUS 430 (code 26063) and DEPURO PLUS EVO 430 (code 26064) having a maximum flow rate of 860 m3/h for environments up to 160m2.


  • Steel bearing structure; external sandwich panel coating (thickness 20mm) with holes on the internal side, thermally and acoustically insulated with melamine (density 11 kg/m3), self-extinguishing (class V0 according to the UL94 standard).
  • A synthetic rubber gasket, installed in correspondence of the upper edge of the device, that protects against the risk of damage to people and property resulting from accidental contact.
  • Side air intake grilles positioned at a height that maximizes the air treatment.
  • Purified air delivery at the upper surface of the product.



  • Centrifugal motor fans with forward blades and auger, double intake, powered by EC brushless permanent magnet motors (the same technology used in the most recent electric cars), speed adjustable with 0-10V signal.


Photocatalysis (EVO models)

  • The technology of the DUST FREE modules uses the combined action of the rays of a special UV lamp with a catalyst structure built from a metal alloy with honeycomb matrix, mainly composed of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and, to a minor extent, of other noble metals.



Four-stage filtering system composed of:

  • 2 washable pre-filters;
  • 2 ePM1 60% (F7) filters;
  • 1 HEPA H14 class absolute filter, of the planar type for models 230, and multiple dihedral on models 430;
  • 1 anti-TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) filter.
  • The pre-filters and the intermediate filter, place din correspondence of the intake spigots, retain the macro impurities and the particulate in the air, protecting the absolute filter installed above them,which has the task of destroying almost all of the finest microparticulate (99.995% of the micro-dust with nominal dimensions equal to or below 0.3μm), extending their useful life.
  • The anti-TVOC filter, placed downstream of the absolute filter, retains bad odour, aldehydes, ozone and volatile organic compounds.
  • The actual need for periodic replacement of the filters is indicated on the control panel on the machine.


Control panel

Control panel, located at one of the side walls of the product, for:

  • switching on/off;
  • activating/deactivating the photocatalysis module (in EVO models);
  • programming, on a daily basis, the operation of the product, which will automatically switch on/ off at the previously set hours;
  • programming, in three time bands, the fan speed so that the ideal compromise between efficient purification, noise emissions and consumption can be reached;
  • programming on a daily basis of the switching on/off of the UV lamp, which activates the photocatalysis process (in EVO models);
  • setting the operating mode: Manual (switching on and off are left to the user) or Automatic (time programming previously set);
  • 10-step adjustment of the treated air flow;
  • indication, distinguished by type, of the occurred saturation of the filters and the consequent need for their replacement.
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DEPURO Plus Series