Vortice Nordik AR

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Modern, distinctive design

Order Codes:

Vortice Nordik AR 140/17/Transparent – ALV61030

Vortice Nordik AR 140/17/White – ALV61033

Vortice Nordik AR 140/17/Titanium – ALV61036

Vortice Nordik AR 140/29/Transparent – ALV61031

Vortice Nordik AR 140/29/White – ALV61034

Vortice Nordik AR 140/29/Titanium – ALV61037

Vortice Nordik AR 160/29/Transparent – ALV61032

Vortice Nordik AR 160/29/White – ALV61035

Vortice Nordik AR 160/29/Titanium – ALV61038

Vortice Nordik AR 180/29/Transparent – ALV61039

Vortice Nordik AR 180/29/White – ALV61041

Vortice Nordik AR 180/29/Titanium – ALV61042

Vortice Nordik AR is especially suitable for environments featuring sophisticated style furnishings

The Vortice Nordik AR’s most distinguishing feature is its refined aesthetic look, the result of modern constructive technologies,which combine high performance with a range of chromatic variations that can be adapted to furnished environments in a wide range of styles.

The Vortice Nordik AR ceiling fan range has 4 fans in 3 blade diameters: 1400, 1600, 1800mm

Technical Data:
Vortice Nordic AR