Vortice HRL

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Vortice high efficiency air handling units

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Vortice designed high efficiency energy recovery units especially for systems operating with 100% outside air. Suitable for schools, offices, banks, swimming pools etc.

Vortice HRL Specifications

  • The Vortice HRL high efficiency energy recovery units are designed for systems operating with 100% outside air, bringing cost savings while at the same time guaranteeing excellent air-conditioning performance in environments such as schools, offices, banks, swimming pools and public premises.
  • The Vortice HRL main feature is the use of two static heat recovery units in series, made from aluminium or coated aluminium, ensuring significant savings in running costs by recovering energy that would otherwise be lost as heat, with efficiency exceeding 90%.
  • There are 7 Vortice HRL models, with range of flow-rates from 1,000 m3/h to 15,000 m3/h, offering extremely simple installation and flexibility.
  • The Vortice HRL series uses centrifugal fans directly coupled to the latest generation EC motors.

Vortice HRL Features

  • Base: made from thick press formed galvanised sheet metal longitudinal members. These are fastened to the four sides of each section, with the unit resting on the ground on the shorter sides. Each base comes complete with suitably sized holes for inserting lifting bars. The type of section bars and the thickness of the sheet metal used ensure high structural rigidity during transport and safety when handling on site.
  • Frame: frame made using a modular system of extruded anodised aluminium alloy section bars (in accordance with UNI 9006/1), joined by die-cast aluminium corners.
  • Sandwich panels: sandwich panels, insulated with polyurethane foam, density 40 kg/m, 48 mm thick. Construction:


  • Coated sheet metal (EN 10169)
  • Hot galvanised steel base: reference standard EN 10327, Z100 coating. Standard protection involves application of a 25 micron dry film (tolerance ± 3 mm) on the top face and a 7/10 micron dry film on the bottom face, in accordance with EN 13523.
  • Gloss 30/35
  • Condensation resistance 1000h no blistering
  • Resistance to salt spray 360h no blistering
  • Resistance to fluorescent UV light and water condensation
  • 2000h UVA residual gloss 50% no blistering
  • Min. surface hardness F
  • Thicknesses available 6/10mm


  • Galvanised sheet metal
  • DXD51-Z200 galvanised rolled sheet for cold forming and stamping (EN 10142). 6/10 mm thick. Specially treated sheet metal available on request, such as Peraluman or AISI 304/316 stainless steel.

Vortice HRL