IDV-HC Series

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Double-width plume =
double the effective area

Order Codes:

500/4 43N – ALV1104

560/4 75N – ALV1105

Centrifugal carpark exhaust fans with double-width plume gives double the effective area. Install half the number of units compared to standard models.


  • Wider, longer plumes
  • Less fans required
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Cheaper running costs
  • Low noise

The dual purpose IDV-HC-v2 series garage ventilation fans are designed to direct air through the car park.

The suction of the fan is through the fan guard and inlet cone on the bottom of the fan. The discharge is through the outlets at the front of the fan.

The ventilator unit is directly driven by a standard electric motor integrally mounted in the air stream, the impeller has backward curved blades and is directly mounted on the shaft of the integral motor.

The motor employed is of the type IP55. Insulation Class H. The connection voltage for the motor is 400v/3ph/50Hz. The ventilation unit must be correctly grounded at all times.

Technical Data:
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