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Velocity Eco Hand Dryer

Model Number: BC2002



The Dolphin velocity eco hand dryer is a highly efficient unit saving 80% of user’s energy costs. This compact hand dryer is a quality product with reduced drying time which decreases CO2 emissions.


  • Two year guarantee
  • Quality 304 Grade stainless steel body
  • Operating power of only 1000w (500w heating element) saving 80% of user’s energy costs
  • Smallest dryer in the range – less than half the size of equivalent high speed dryers
  • Infrared, self adjusting sensor: 51mm–254mm range
  • Dryer delivers 101.7m3/hour (90m/s). This dries hands in 10–15 seconds, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • 29,000 rpm brush motor
  • 55OC air output temperature

BC2002 / energy efficient hand dryer / 304 grade satin stainless steel / infrared sensor / self adjusting